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Azure 900 Certification 2024 – AZ-900 Knowledge Point Summary – Online Practice, Certificate

az-900 exam Summary of knowledge points

Combined with the recent simulation questions, review and record some knowledge and concepts that are easy to test. Pay attention to the words marked in red. These simple words may be the key points that can best summarize this concept. When I review, I have highlighted these points in red and will use different case forms in the question stem. Come to inspect, but the keywords for these inspections can still be found! It is recommended to print it out and study it if possible. I summarized it bit by bit from the official document. The test points are very comprehensive. So far, the journey of AZ-900 has been completed. At the end of the article, a screenshot of the certificate and a personal learning route are attached. If you are interested, you can read it. I hope everyone can pass the AZ-900 as soon as possible!

Table of contents:

Part 1, Exploring Cloud Concepts

1. What is cloud service?

  • High availability. The ability to keep a service uptime for an extended period of time with minimal downtime, depending on the service in question.

Microsoft AZ-900&AI-900 Exam experience sharing

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This experience post is suitable for a quick examination and not suitable for technical learning. If you want to learn basic knowledge, you can withdraw it first~

If you have a certificate exam plan, as well as the number of Exam certificates and deadline requirements, you can learn from it, but the method may not be applicable to everyone~

Next, start from the following four aspects:

  1. How to register
  2. Enrollment Exam/Cancellation (Nanny Level)
  3. Prepare for exams and review sprints
  4. Take the Exam

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How to register

Step one:

Register outlook mailbox

The registered email address is the account for receiving emails for Microsoft certification exams

(Registration is also available at [step two])

register account- outlook

Step two:

It is recommended to use edge search

Microsoft. dashboard

Microsoft. dashboard

Microsoft account

sign inClick create one to register an Outlook account or enter the account just registered [one by one step one by one] and click next to log in

Step three:

The Windows system comes with Outlook, enter the account password in the software to log in to the mailbox to send and receive emails

Sign up for the exam (Take AZ-900 as an example)

Go to the following website to search for the name of the certification you want to test and sign up with the account you just registered~

Search AZ-900:

search az-900

Enter Exam AZ-900 and see the scheduled exam:

As shown in the picture, there are two registration methods. Since I am an active employee, I will introduce the Pearson VUE registration method here.

Click Schedule with Pearson VUE:

Jump to the Dashboard and fill in the basic information correctly

Slide down, check all, and click continue:

After clicking continue, jump to the next page

Fill in and connect the company account, you can register for free, but the premise is to confirm whether the company provides a charge code for free exams

As shown in the picture, I have already connected, so the 100% claim is directly displayed. If you are registering for the first time, you need to fill in the company email address below first, check the Eligibility
(Note: It may take a little time here, it will not be successful once, you can try several times)

After all, confirmations are correct, click Schedule exam

Choose an exam method:

at the test center; online;


AZ-900 Free Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam Questions and Answers

az-900 exam

Share Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam questions and answers online for free from Lead4Pass AZ-900: (606 Q&A).

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Download AZ-900 Free Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam Questions and Answers Online:

Practice AZ-900 Free Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam Questions and Answers Online

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Question 1:

This question requires that you evaluate the underlined text to determine if it iscorrect.