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Latest Microsoft AZ-204 Exam Details

The exam name is “Microsoft Azure Development Solutions” and the exam code is AZ-204. The exam consists of 40-60 questions and the question types can be case studies, short answer, multiple choice, graded review, drag and drop, etc.


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az-204 dumps

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TypeNumber of exam questionsExam nameExam codeLatest updatedFree15Developing Solutions for Microsoft AzureAZ-204AZ-204 dumps

Question 1:

You need to access data from the user claim object in the e-commerce web app. What should you do first?


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A company is developing a gaming platform. Users can join teams to play online and see leaderboards that include player statistics. The solution includesan entity named Team.


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Develop Azure compute solutions
Develop for Azure storage
Implement Azure security
Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize Azure solutions
Connect to and consume Azure services and third-party services

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